Male Names
  • Courtland (Dutch) - Short land [English speaking countries]
  • Roosevelt (Dutch) - Field of Roses [English speaking countries]

    Transferred use of the surname; often given in honour of American presidents Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  • Schuyler (Dutch) - Guarded; scholar [English speaking countries]

    This name is commonly anglicized as Skyler.

Female Names
  • Brooklynn (Dutch) - Uncertain, perhaps broken land [English speaking countries]

    Altered spelling of the place name Brooklyn. The popularity of this name is probably reinforced as a name smush of Brooke and Lynn.

  • Skyla (Dutch) - The sky [English speaking countries]

    Skyla has ranked in the US top 1000 girls' names since 1998. Skyla is possibly an elaboration of the word 'sky' coupled with the generally feminine element 'la'. Skyla may also be an anglicised form of the Dutch surname Schuyler, although the usual anglic

Gender Neutral Names