Cowboy Names

Male Names
  • Austin (Latin) - Venerated [English speaking countries]

    A contracted form of Augustine and originally a surname. Austin is a city in Texas. Austin was a British car manufacturer, that was later called the British Motor Corporation. They were responsible for the first Mini and later the Austin Rover group.

  • Beau (French) - Handsome [English speaking countries]

    French word for "handsome" (and therefore never used in French spaking countires as a given name) and American slang for "boyfriend". Its use as a first name likely came from a shortening of a surname such as Beauchamp or Beaufort in order to honor someon

  • Bill (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]

    Nickname for William. There are many famous bearers who go by the name "Bill" including comedian Bill Murray, 42nd US President William "Bill" Clinton, philanthropis and chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates, comedian Bill Cosby and political commentator and p

  • Bridger (English) - Builder of bridges [English speaking countries]
  • Buddy (English) - Thickset person; beetle [English speaking countries]

    Buddy may be taken as a variant of the surname Budd.
    It is also the English vocabulary word for "a good friend".
    Drummer Buddy Rich, ground dbreaking rock-n-roller Buddy Holly, actor and comedian Buddy Hackett, actor Buddy Ebsen and baseball

  • Calvin (French) - Bald [English speaking countries]

    Originally a French surname; based on the Picard dialect form of the word 'chauve' meaning 'bald'.

    John Calvin was a church reformer of the 16th century, after whom the Christian group Calvinism is named. Calvinists believe in predestinati

  • Chester (Latin) - Camp; fort [English speaking countries]

    Chester is rarely used in modern times, although it is probably due for a comeback. Chet or Chas/Chaz are common nicknames for Chester. It is also found as a surname, where it likely originated designating someone who lived near or worked in a camp, fort

  • Cooper (English) - Barrel maker [English speaking countries]
  • Fisher (English) - One who fishes [English speaking countries]
  • Gunner (Norse) - Battle; strife [English speaking countries]
  • Hunter (English) - Hunter; one who hunts [English speaking countries]
  • Jimmy (Hebrew) - Supplanter [English speaking countries]

    James Earl Carter, 39th President of the United States, preferred to go by the name "Jimmy". He has always signed his name as Jimmy Carter.

    Other famous Jimmys include: American movie star (known for his large nose) Jimmy Durante, Led Zeppl

  • Lyndon (English) - Lime tree hill [English speaking countries]

    Most famous bearer of this surname turned personal name is 36th President of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson. Other famous bearers include political activist and economist Lyndon LaRouche,

  • Maverick (English) - Dissenter [English speaking countries]

    From the English word meaning "dissident", usually referring to semi-wild, unbranded cattle in the Western United States, from the surname of a 19th century Texas rancher who did not brand his calves.
    Modern use of the surname as a first name. Mav

  • Oakley (English) - From the oak meadow [English speaking countries]
  • Porter (Latin) - One who carries goods; gatekeeper [English speaking countries]
  • Reid (English) - Red [English speaking countries]
  • Rusty (Gaelic) - Rusty, full of rust [English speaking countries]

    This is a nick name or pet name for a person who's given name is Russel. It is also given sometimes as a pet name for one with red hair. Seldom used as a given name on it's own, Rusty charted on the Top 1000 names from 1940 to 1995.

  • Sawyer (English) - One who saws wood [English speaking countries]

    Sawyer's rise in popularity on boys in the U.S. is likely the combined effect of the increasing popularity of surnames as first names, and public interest in the character named Sawyer on the television show "Lost."

    Tom Sawyer is a literary

  • Tanner (English) - Tanner [English, Finnish and German speaking countries]

    This surname has four separate origins. In English-speaking countries it is simply an occupational surname for a tanner (a tanner is someone who treats animal hide to make leather). In German it is either a variant of the surname Tann (meaning 'forest', a

  • Walker (English) - A fuller [English speaking countries]

    Walker-on-Tyne is a village in north-east England. There are also five US cities named Walker. Additionally, "Walker, Texas Ranger" was a popular American television show for many years.

    Walker is a common occupational surname and the mid

Female Names
Gender Neutral Names
  • Dallas (Gaelic) - Meadow stance [English speaking countries]

    Dallas is a city in Texas that grew due to it's importance in the oil and cotton industries. 'Dallas' was a long-running TV show that focussed on the Ewing family.

  • Dusty (English) - Full of dust [English speaking countries]

    Dusty is a common nickname for the given name Dustin, but is sometimes used on its own as a given name for both males and females.

    Dusty Springfield was a successful british pop music singer in the 1960's.

  • Jay (English) - Jay bird [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    Jay may also be used as a nickname for names beginning with J, or as a full name independently.
    A jay is a type of small bird.
    Jay is the name of a character of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gasby" (1925).

  • Montana (Latin) - Mountainous [English speaking countries]

    From the Latin for mountainous; name of an American state.

    Famous bearers include sports legend, football player Joe Montana.