Color Names

Male Names
  • Graydon (English) - Gray-haired; pleasant, Gray [English speaking countries]

    Graydon has made one appearance on the Top 1000 list in 1905, when color names, along with jewel and nature names, were at their height of popularity.

  • Grayson (English) - Son of Gray, son of the gray haired [English speaking countries]

    Modern variant of Gray. Familial surname indicating someone is the "son of Gray" or "son of the gray haired".

  • Greyson (English) - Son of Gray, son of the gray haired [English speaking countries]
  • Reid (English) - Red [English speaking countries]
  • Rufus (Latin) - Red; red haired [English speaking countries]
  • Rusty (Gaelic) - Rusty, full of rust [English speaking countries]

    This is a nick name or pet name for a person who's given name is Russel. It is also given sometimes as a pet name for one with red hair. Seldom used as a given name on it's own, Rusty charted on the Top 1000 names from 1940 to 1995.

Female Names
  • Amber (English) - Amber [English speaking countries]

    Amber is a fossilized tree resin commonly found on the shores of the Baltic and North Seas. Since ancient times, its primary use has been decorative. The Amber Road was the trade route from the Baltic to Italy through which amber was traded.

  • Bianca (Italian) - White; fair [English and Italian speaking countries]

    Italian feminine adjective for 'white', from bianco.

    Shakespeare used this name in 'The Taming of the Shrew', for a character who cannot marry until her sister Kate does, and 'Othello', for a courtesan .

    Model and human ri

  • Blanca (Spanish) - White [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Spanish feminine adjective for 'white', from blanco.

  • Coral (English) - Coral; deep pink [English speaking countries]

    Corals are marine organisms from that exist as small sea anemone-like polyps, typically in colonies of many identical individuals.

  • Emerald (Greek) - Green gemstone [English speaking countries]

    The word "emerald" derives from the Greek word "smaragdos," which means "green gemstone." Emeralds, a form of beryl, has been prized for centuries among cultures throughout the world.

    Emerald is one of the birthstones for the month of May.

  • Esmeralda (Spanish) - Emerald [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Means "emerald" in Spanish. In Victor Hugo's novel 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' Esmeralda is the Gypsy girl whom Quasimodo is in love with. Another literary connection for Esmeralda would be in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" in which Esmeralda

  • Ginger (Latin) - Spring-like; flourishing [English speaking countries]

    Used as either a pet form of Virginia or as a name coming from the spice. The English name of the spice comes from an Indo-European word.

    People with red hair are sometimes referred to as being "ginger".

  • Gwyneth (Welsh) - White, fair [English speaking countries]

    English translation of the Welsh Gwynedd. Made popular in modern times by its association with American actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Hazel (English) - Hazel Tree - Light brown [English speaking countries]
  • Ivy (English) - Ivy [English speaking countries]

    Ivy (or hedera) is a genus of climbing evergreen plants. Poison ivy is unrelated to the hedera ivies.

    The Ivy League is an association of universities located in the north-eastern United States.

  • Olive (English) - Olive; olive tree [English speaking countries]

    From the Latin 'oliva', olive tree, symbol of peace and victory.

    The daughter of Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fischer is named Olive.

  • Rose (Latin) - Rose [English speaking countries]

    The rose (or Latin 'rosa') is a flowering shrub. They come in a variety of different forms such as the hybrid tea, floribunda and damask. Roses are seen as symbols of love and beauty, and are also associated with the Virgin Mary.

    A rose win

  • Ruby (Latin) - Red [English speaking countries]

    Whilst remaining moderately popular in the US (ranked 137th in 2006), Ruby has shot up the British charts and in 2007 was the second most popular name in the UK.

    Ruby Sweetheart is the name of actor Tobey Maguire's daughter.

  • Scarlet (English) - Scarlet [English speaking countries]

    Alternate spelling of Scarlett

  • Scarlett (English) - Scarlet [English speaking countries]

    Scarlett O'Hara is the protagonist of Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the Wind". It is a little known fact that Scarlett's full name is "Katie Scarlett O'Hara", after her Irish father's mother.

    Scarlett Johansson is a popular American

  • Sienna (Italian) - Reddish orange-brown [English speaking countries]

    Made popular in contemporary times by British actress Sienna Miller.

  • Tawny (English) - Tawny, tanned [English speaking countries]

    Tawny describes a tan or ruddy color. Usually used in reference to the color of an animal's fur. It can be used as a nickname for the name Tanya or Tonya.

    Tawny Kitaen is an American model and actress who was famous in the 1980's, particul

  • Violet (Latin) - Violet [English speaking countries]

    Violets are small plants, whose flowers are usually violet or purple in colour.

    There are several fictional characters named Violet: in the comic 'Peanuts', Violet Beauregarde is a chewing-gum addict golden ticket winner in Roald Dahl's 'C

  • Xanthia (Greek) - Yellow [English speaking countries]

    Variation on Xanthe, from the Greek word 'xanthos'.

Gender Neutral Names
  • Ebony (English) - Ebony wood [English speaking countries]

    English noun used by some as a name.

  • Ivory (English) - Ivory [English speaking countries]

    Ivory is the hard, white material which composes the tusks and teeth of many horned and tusked animals, such as the narwhal, the walrus, the hippopotamus, and most famously, the elephant.

    Ivory is also a well-known brand of soap in the U.S.

  • Jade (English) - Precious green stone [English and French speaking countries]

    Jade has been considered a precious stone for thousands of years, used in jewellery, weapons, and grave goods. Its name is derived from the Spanish phrase "piedra de ijada," which means "bowel stones." It was believed that jade could prevent gastrointes

  • Kara (Gaelic) - Friend [English and Turkish speaking countries]

    As a female name, Kara is derived from Cara - which has roots in Gaelic and Italian. As a male name it is Turkish.

    Kara refers to several geographical places.

    It is a character in the novel 'Benim Adým Kýrmýzý' by the Turki

  • Kim (English) - Regal hill [English and Vietnamese speaking countries]

    In Vietnamese this is a female name referring to the colour gold.

    Can be used as a nickname for Kimberly.

  • Raven (English) - Raven [English speaking countries]
  • Sable (English) - Sable [English speaking countries]

    Sable is another name for the color black.

    The sable is a species of marten which inhabits forest environments. It has been prized for its fur. The term has become a generic description for some black-furred animal breeds, such as sable cat

  • Sage (English) - Aromatic herb; wise [English speaking countries]
  • Sandy (Greek) - Defending men [English speaking countries]