Afghan Names

Male Names
  • Amir (Hebrew) - Treetop; sheaf [Arabic, English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Amir or emir is the name given to a prince of an Arabic state, though it also refers to a military leader.

    Amir al-Muminin ('commander of the faithful') is a name used to refer to the Muslim caliphs.

  • Asa (Hebrew) - Doctor; healer [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Bible, Asa was the name of the third king of Judah. His father was the wicked Abijah. His grandmother was Maacah, a blasphemer. Against the odds of having a wicked father, Abijah, and a grandmother (Maacah) who was blasphemous, Asa became a righteo

  • Muhammad (Arabic) - Praised one; praiseworthy [Arabic and English speaking countries]

    From the Arabic "hamida" (to praise).
    The name, one of the most popular in the Muslim world, was borne by the Arabic Prophet and founder of Islam.

Female Names
  • Amina (African) - Peaceful, secure [African, Arabic, English and Swahili speaking countries]

    Aminah or Amina was the name of the mother of the Muslim prophet Muhammed, founder of Islam.

    It was also the name of a Nigerian princess of the royal family of Zazzau (now known as Zaria) in the 16th century. She is famous for her military

  • Samira (Arabic) - Pleasant community [African, Arabic, English and Swahili speaking countries]

    Feminine form of Samir

  • Taja (Sanskrit) - Crown [Arabic and English speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names