Male Names
  • Amare (African) - Handsome; good looking [African and English speaking countries]

    Amaré Stoudemire is an American basketball player.

  • Jelani (African) - Great, powerful [African and English speaking countries]

    Jelani is of African, Swahili origin.

  • Kanye (African) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Kanye is the name of a town in Botswana. The most famous bearer of this name is rapper Kanye West, but it is unknown whether he was named after the town, or whether his parents invented the name themselves.

  • Kwame (African) - Saturday born [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Amina (African) - Peaceful, secure [African, Arabic, English and Swahili speaking countries]

    Aminah or Amina was the name of the mother of the Muslim prophet Muhammed, founder of Islam.

    It was also the name of a Nigerian princess of the royal family of Zazzau (now known as Zaria) in the 16th century. She is famous for her military

  • Ashanti (African) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    From the name of a major ethnic group in Ghana. "For the sake of war" is a possible meaning for Ashanti.

  • Ayana (African) - Beautiful blossom [African and English speaking countries]

    Variant of Ayanna.

  • Ayanna (African) - Beautiful blossom [English speaking countries]

    This name is of East African origin.

  • Makena (African) - Happy one [African and English speaking countries]

    Makena means "happy one" in Kikuyu (a tribe of Kenya).

    Makena is also sometimes used as a variant of MacKenna.

  • Nya (African) - Purpose [English speaking countries]
  • Nyah (African) - Purpose [African and English speaking countries]
  • Sade (African) - Sweetly singing [English speaking countries]

    This may also be a pet name for the Yoruba name Folasade meaning "honor earns a crown".

  • Tanesha (African) - Born on Monday [English speaking countries]
  • Tanisha (African) - Born on Monday [African and English speaking countries]

    Tanisha may be related to a Hausa day name for children born on Monday.
    It could also be a modern coinage from the preffix Ta- with Aisha, or perhaps an elaborated form of Tania.

  • Tenika (African) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Modern creation with no known meaning.

Gender Neutral Names