Cornish Names

Male Names
  • Denzel (Cornish) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Traditional Cornish name slightly anglicized with an additional "e", yet used for centuries.

    Famous bearers include American actor Denzel Washington.

  • Denzell (Cornish) - N/A [English speaking countries]
  • Jory (Greek) - Earth worker [English speaking countries]
  • Tremaine (Cornish) - Rock settlement [English speaking countries]
  • Tremayne (Cornish) - Rock settlement [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Jennifer (Cornish) - White; fair; smooth [English speaking countries]

    Jennifer joined the US top 1000 names in 1938. It rose until in 1970 it was the #1 name in USA, it held that place until 1985 and has been in decline ever since. In 2006 it was the 51st most popular name in America.

    Famous bearers include

Gender Neutral Names