Occupational Names

Male Names
  • Archer (English) - Bowman [English speaking countries]

    Occupational name for a bow-man or one who used or made bows and arrows. Used interchangably as a given, or first, name and a surname.

  • Baron (Germanic) - Freeman [English speaking countries]

    A baron is the lowest grade or title in the English aristocracy.

    Baron William is the name of Donald Trump's son with wife Melania.

  • Bridger (English) - Builder of bridges [English speaking countries]
  • Cannon (English) - Canon; a clergyman [English speaking countries]
  • Carter (English) - Transporter of materials [English speaking countries]

    In English, a "carter" is someone who carries materials in a cart. Carter is a common English surname, though it has recently gained popularity as boys' first name in English-speaking countries. As a surname, famous bearers include US President Jimmy Car

  • Chandler (English) - Candle seller [English speaking countries]

    Chandler was a main character on the popular American television show "Friends".

  • Cohen (Hebrew) - Priest [English and Gaelic speaking countries]

    Cohen is either a Jewish surname from the Hebrew 'kohen' (priest) or an anglicised Irish surname from 'Ó Cadhan' (descendant of Cadhan).

    Cohen is not a personal name in Hebrew. In the Jewish faith, a kohen is assumed to be a direct male de

  • Cooper (English) - Barrel maker [English speaking countries]
  • Deacon (English) - Deacon [English speaking countries]

    A deacon is the name given to someone who works in the Christian church but is not a priest or minister - the role can change from denomination to denomination. As a verb, to deacon has various meanings. It can mean 'to pack fruit or vegetables so that on

  • Earl (English) - Nobleman [English speaking countries]

    This title from Old English 'eorl', meaning nobleman, was often used as a nickname for a servant employed in a noble household.

    Famous bearers include acclaimed actor James Earl Jones, 39th American President James Earl Carter, former Chief

  • Fisher (English) - One who fishes [English speaking countries]
  • Fletcher (English) - Maker of arrows [English speaking countries]
  • Gunner (Norse) - Battle; strife [English speaking countries]
  • Hunter (English) - Hunter; one who hunts [English speaking countries]
  • Mason (French) - Bricklayer; stoneworker [English speaking countries]

    Transferred use of a surname, derived from the French 'maçon' (bricklayer, stoneworker), connected with Old English 'macian' (to make). The Freemasons are a fraternal organisation or brotherhood with obscure origins.

    It was the 39th most

  • Porter (Latin) - One who carries goods; gatekeeper [English speaking countries]
  • Sawyer (English) - One who saws wood [English speaking countries]

    Sawyer's rise in popularity on boys in the U.S. is likely the combined effect of the increasing popularity of surnames as first names, and public interest in the character named Sawyer on the television show "Lost."

    Tom Sawyer is a literary

  • Spencer (French) - Someone who gives out goods [English speaking countries]

    From the French word to dispense.

    Surname of the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer.

  • Tanner (English) - Tanner [English, Finnish and German speaking countries]

    This surname has four separate origins. In English-speaking countries it is simply an occupational surname for a tanner (a tanner is someone who treats animal hide to make leather). In German it is either a variant of the surname Tann (meaning 'forest', a

  • Walker (English) - A fuller [English speaking countries]

    Walker-on-Tyne is a village in north-east England. There are also five US cities named Walker. Additionally, "Walker, Texas Ranger" was a popular American television show for many years.

    Walker is a common occupational surname and the mid

Female Names
Gender Neutral Names
  • Bailey (English) - Bailiff [English speaking countries]

    A bailey can also mean the outer wall of a castle, or the courtyard between the two outer walls of a castle.

    Baileys Irish Cream is a whiskey and cream alcoholic drink.

    Bailey features in the top 30 most popular names of most

  • Harper (English) - A player on the harp [English speaking countries]

    Transferred use of the surname.

    Nelle Harper Lee is the author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Stephen Harper is the current Prime Minister of Canada.

    Harper's Magazine is a monthly American magazine, that deals with the arts, p

  • Paige (English) - Page [English speaking countries]

    Originally an occupational surname denoting a position as a page in a noble household, Paige is now a popular girls' name in English-speaking countries.

  • Parker (English) - Gamekeeper of a park [English speaking countries]
  • Piper (English) - A pipe player [English speaking countries]
  • Taylor (English) - A tailor [English speaking countries]

    Taylor was originally an occupational surname which denoted someone who worked as a tailor.

    Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States. Taylor is a brand of guitars and the name of Taylor University in Indiana. Taylor Alis