Iranian Names

Male Names
  • Ali (Arabic) - Noble, sublime, elevated, exalted [African, Arabic and English speaking countries]

    Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first male convert to Islam, and is considered by Shia Muslims to be the first Imam. To Sunni Muslims, he is the fourth Rashidun or Rightly Guided Caliph. He married Muhammed's daughter Fatima.

    The name is borne by

  • Cyrus (Persian) - Sun; lord; throne [English and Persian speaking countries]

    The name Cyrus is derived from either the Persian word "kurush," which may relate to the sun, or "kuru", which relates to throne.

    Cyrus the Great was the first Persian ruler; he conquered Babylon, and is known Biblically for releasing the

  • Mohammed (Arabic) - Praised one; praiseworthy [Arabic and English speaking countries]

    From the Arabic "hamida" (to praise). The name, one of the most popular in the Muslim world, was borne by the Arabic Prophet and founder of Islam.

  • Raheem (Persian) - Merciful, kind, compassionate [Arabic and English speaking countries]
  • Taj (Sanskrit) - Crown [Arabic, English and Hindi speaking countries]

    Indian and Arabic name meaning "crown", respectively from the Sanskrit and the Persian.

    A taj is also a tall conical cap worn by Muslims as a headdress of distinction.

Female Names
  • Amira (Arabic) - Princess; prosperous [African, Arabic, English, Hebrew and Swahili speaking countries]

    As a Hebrew name, Amira may come from the Hebrew meaning "speech" or "treetop" if written with the letter Aleph, or "sheaf of corn" if written with the letter Ayin. It is also the feminine form of the Arabic name Amir.

  • Farrah (Arabic) - Joyful [Arabic and English speaking countries]

    In Arabic usage, Farrah is both a surname and a given name; in English usage, it is exclusively a first name. Farrah is also the name of a British indie-rock band.

  • Leyla (Persian) - Dark-haired beauty; night [Arabic and English speaking countries]

    A variant transcription of Laila.

  • Yasmin (Persian) - Jasmine [Arabic and English speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names