Random Names

Male Names
  • Aiden (Gaelic) - Little fire [English speaking countries]

    A modern respelling of Aidan. May also be a variant of Eden. When combined with variants like Ayden, Aydan, and Aden, Aiden was the most popular name for boys in the U.S. in 2006.

  • Asishram (Indian) - Old word which means blessings
  • Cranleah (English) - From the crane meadow
  • Darnel (English) - Hidden.
  • Darwyn (English) - Dear friend. Nineteenth-century naturalist Charles Darwin was the first major exponent of human evolution.
  • Dyuratna (Indian) - The sky jewel; Sun's power
  • Edward (English) - Wealth protector [English speaking countries]

    From the Old English Eádweard; a compound name composed of the elements "ead" (riches, prosperity, fortune) and "weard" (guardian, protector). Hence: 'protector of the riches, inheritance', or maybe 'rich guardian', 'fortunate protector'.
    It is mo

  • Elton (English) - Ella's town; eel town [English speaking countries]

    There are many places of this name in England; it is impossible to decide from which the family appellation is derived.
    Multiple origins are considered. It could mean, from the Old English, "Ella's town". Or the derivation might be from the Saxon

  • Falke (German) - Surname relating to falconry.
  • Gervase (English) - Serves
  • Gourang (Indian) - A Fair One; Husband of Gauri , Parvati; One of many names of Lord Shiva
  • Gunnar (Norse) - Battle; strife [English speaking countries]
  • Harbhagwant (Indian) - Didicated Devotee of God; Follower of God; Disciple of God
  • Inis (Irish) - From the river island
  • Johnson (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English speaking countries]

    Johnson is a familial surname that rarely occurs as a first name. Famous bearers include Sports hero Earvin "Magic" Johnson and 17th President of the US Andrew Johnson.

    "Johnson" is sometimes used as American slang to reference a man's geni

  • Kirita (Indian) - Kirita is the name of the Lord Shiva
  • Koby (Hebrew) - Supplanter; held by the heel [English speaking countries]
  • Krishay (Indian) - A variant name of Lord Krishna; It holds a Sanskrit meaning as black or dark; One of many names of Lord Vishnu
  • Lakhprem (Indian) - Lover of Hundred Thousand
  • Linden (English) - The linden tree.
  • Mattias (Hebrew) - Gift of God [English and German speaking countries]
  • Misha (Russian) - Variant of Michael.
  • Muircheartaigh (Arabic) - Expert seaman
  • Nodin (United States) - The windy season or blowing.
  • Paarvendan (Indian) - Leader; Ruler of the World; King of the world; Emperor of the world
  • Rajatanabhi (Indian) - He who is ver y rich
  • Renaldo (English) - Counselor-ruler.
  • Sabastian (Latin) - Man from Sebaste [English speaking countries]
  • Tiago (Spanish) - Saint James [English and Portuguese speaking countries]

    Portuguese form of Santiago.

  • Zacharias (Hebrew) - The Lord remembers [English speaking countries]

    Zacharias is originally the Greek cognate of the Hebrew name Zechariah.

Female Names
  • Alaina (Gaelic) - Rock [English speaking countries]

    The feminine form of Alain, which is the French form of Alan.

  • Allyse (English) - Variant of Alice.
  • Antje (Hebrew) - Grace
  • Avivit (Hebrew) - Innocent
  • Ayame (Japanese) - Iris; the one who can see perfectly
  • Bhairavi (Indian) - Goddess Durga
  • Bisanpreet (Indian) - Love Of God
  • Bruna (German) - Of the dark hair
  • Divyamani (Indian) - A beautiful raga; inflaming one
  • Farran (Irish) - Adventurous.
  • Jaimee (Scottish) - Pet form of James used as a woman's name.
  • Kapila (Indian,Sanskrit) - Tawny; Reddish Brown; Derived from the Sanskrit word Kapi which means monkey
  • Katarina (Greek) - Pure [Croatian, English, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Serbian and Swedish speaking countries]
  • Laalamani (Indian) - Ruby; Red Pearl; Precious stone
  • Liza (Hebrew) - My God is a vow [English speaking countries]
  • Madeline (Hebrew) - From Magdala [English and French speaking countries]

    English form of French Madeleine, itself from Magdalene.

    The 'Madeline' books were written by Ludwig Bemelmans, and follow the adventures of a young girl living in Paris.

    Madeline Kahn was an American actress.

  • Maggie (Greek,United States) - A woman pure as a pearl
  • Marelda (English) - Famous battle maiden
  • Minal - Fruit
  • Miracle (English) - Wonder; miracle [English speaking countries]

    English word newly used by some as a name.

  • Patience (English) - Patience [English speaking countries]

    From the Latin 'pati' (to suffer).

    Patience is another name for the card game Solitaire.

  • Prashanthi (Indian) - One who has reached the highest form of peace
  • Reinhard (French) - Mighty and brave or strong judgment
  • Shahzeela (Indian) - A stunning beutiful woman
  • Shaylee (Yiddish) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Shaylee is a modern invention and, presumably, is a combination of the anglicized Shay and the popular suffix -lee.

  • Sneh (Indian) - Love
  • Teo (French) - God. Abbreviation of names like Mateo and Teodor.
  • Tori (Latin) - Conqueror; victory [English speaking countries]

    Tori is a nickname for Victoria. This nickname is not common in the UK, possibly because it sounds like Tory, an alternative name for the Conservative Party. It entered the US top 1000 as a stand alone name in 1959 and has been of fluctuating popularity e

  • Wilma (Germanic) - Will, desire + helmet, protection [English speaking countries]
  • Zelda (Germanic) - N/A [English and Yiddish speaking countries]

    Zelda is a variant spelling of Selda which is of Anglo-Saxon origin (the Hebrew form of Selda is Segula), and a pet form of Griselda. It is also a Yiddish name meaning "luck".

    Zelda is also the name of the princess that has to saved by the

Gender Neutral Names
  • Agharid (Indian,Arabic French) - A decent name for a baby Boy or girl which means the melodious musical songs of the birds.
  • Amazon (Greek)
  • Ashes
  • Bebe (French) - Baby
  • Bobbie (Germanic) - Bright fame [English speaking countries]

    Nickname for Robert or Roberta.

  • Brook (English) - A brook, stream [English speaking countries]
  • Bubley (Russian) - One who is from Babylon. A surname
  • Chilli (United States) - Cold place
  • Claude (Latin) - Disabled [English speaking countries]

    In France Claude is used for both sexes.

    Famous male bearers of the name include Claude Debussy, 19th-century composer, and Claude François, French singer of the 1960s and 1970s.
    Famous female bearers of the name include Queen Claud

  • Jaz (United States) - Sweet smell of flowers.
  • Kelly (Gaelic) - War; strife; bright-headed [English speaking countries]
  • Kuma (Japanese) - Kuma means Bear
  • Long (Vietnamese) - Dragon [English and Vietnamese speaking countries]

    The name of one of the four sacred creatures in Viet Nam, the dragon. It is in part taken from several place names such as Ha Long Bay.

  • Marley (English) - Pleasant wood [English speaking countries]

    As a boy's name, Marley is the transferred use of a surname derived from place names.
    The first element of these place names is respectively Old English (ge)maere ‘boundary’, myrig ‘pleasant’, and mearð ‘(pine) marten’. The second element in each c

  • Nevada (Spanish) - Snow-covered [English speaking countries]
  • Nibaal (Indian) - The mark to indicate the direction.
  • Nirmla (Indian) - Honeyed, sweetened, sugary.
  • November (United States) - Came to this world in the month of November.
  • Padman (Indian) - A serene Lotus flower; filled with purity
  • Pura - Pure
  • Ravyn - Dark haired or wise
  • Rolanda (Spanish) - From the famous land
  • Shorty (United States) - One who is short, small in stature
  • Siany - Good health
  • Skwiggles
  • Stash or Moustache
  • Strang - Powerful
  • Unique (English) - Only one; unparalleled [English speaking countries]

    This adjective is sometimes used as a given name for either gender.

  • Valery (Latin) - To be healthy, strong [English and Russian speaking countries]

    Alternate spelling of Valerie.

    A Russian male name.

  • Vick (Latin) - Victor [English speaking countries]
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