Israeli Names

Male Names
Female Names
  • Noa (Hebrew) - Motion [English, French, Hebrew and Japanese speaking countries]

    The Hebrew girls' name Noa is derived from the Hebrew, meaning "motion; movement".
    In the Old Testament, Noa was a daughter of Zelophehad.

    The Japanese name Noa may be written with the characters for "from; possessive particle; where

Gender Neutral Names
  • Areli (Hebrew) - Brave; courageous, heroic [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Found in the Bible as the originator of the Arelites. Son of Gad.

    This name and its re-spelling, Arely, is often also used for girls in the modern day.

  • Ariel (Hebrew) - Lion of God [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Ariel is generally regarded as the masculine spelling of this name, with the feminine forms Ariela and Arielle. A famous male Ariel is Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

    Ariel appears in the Bible as a name for the city of Jerusalem and a