Christian Names

Male Names
  • Alexander (Greek) - Defending men [Dutch, English, German, Hungarian and Slovak speaking countries]

    Anglicised version of the Greek name Alexandros.

    Alexander appears in the Bible as the one who helps Jesus bear the cross on the journey to Calvary.

    Alexander the Great was an ancient Macedon king. Greece was unified by his

  • Andreas (Greek) - Man, warrior [English, German, Greek and Spanish speaking countries]

    Greek root of names such as Andrew and André, the short form of names beginning with 'andr-' such as Androkles and Andronikos.

    The San Andreas Fault is a geological transform fault in California that marks the boundary between the North Ame

  • Andrew (Greek) - Man, warrior [English speaking countries]

    Andrew was a disciple of Jesus and of John the Baptist, who it is said was martyred by being crucified on a cross in the shape of an "X". He became a saint. This symbol is now referred to as Saint Andrew's cross. Andrew was the brother of Peter.

  • Benjamin (Hebrew) - Son of my right hand [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Benjamin is the anglicized form of the Hebrew Binyamin. In the Old Testament, Benjamin was the twelfth and youngest son of Jacob. Benjamin was the 24th most popular boy's name in the US in 2006, and the 11th most popular in the UK. It is also commonly fou

  • Caleb (Hebrew) - Dog; Heart [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Caleb and Joshua were among the Israelites who left Egypt for Canaan with Moses. They were the only two who lived to see the promised land. Caleb is sometimes translated as "faithful" or "loyal," probably because a dog displays the

  • Calvin (French) - Bald [English speaking countries]

    Originally a French surname; based on the Picard dialect form of the word 'chauve' meaning 'bald'.

    John Calvin was a church reformer of the 16th century, after whom the Christian group Calvinism is named. Calvinists believe in predestinati

  • Christopher (Greek) - Bearer of Christ [English speaking countries]

    From the Greek 'christos' (the annointed one, Christ) and 'phero' (I carry). Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and, according to the legend, Christopher carried the young Jesus across a river. Another famous bearer of the name is the explorer

  • Daniel (Hebrew) - God is my judge [Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Armenian speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Daniel was a Hebrew prophet and the Book of Daniel contains prophecies concerning the future. Daniel was among the Jews who were taken captive in Babylon. He rose to a high position in the Babylonian government by interpreting the ki

  • Denis (Greek) - God of wine; mountain of Zeus [English and French speaking countries]

    St Denis was the martyr bishop of Paris in the 3rd century. He is usually depicted as headless, as he was beheaded.

  • Dennis (Greek) - God of wine; mountain of Zeus [English speaking countries]

    'Dennis the Menace' is the name of two comic strips. In America, it refers to the strip started by Hank Ketcham, with Dennis being a blond-haired mischievous five year old. In Britain, it refers to the strip in the 'Beano' comic, with Dennis being a spiky

  • Elijah (Hebrew) - My god is the lord [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Elijah was a Hebrew prophet who appeared mysteriously during the 9th century B.C.E. and left this earth in a blazing chariot ascending into the heavens. He appears in the Bible in 1 and 2 Kings, and is seen with Moses during the Transfiguration of Jesus.<

  • Emmanuel (Hebrew) - God is with us [English and French speaking countries]

    Latinate form of the Hebrew name Immanuel through the Greek cognate Emmmanouel.
    The prophet Isaiah envisioned the name of the Messiah as being Immanuel in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, it is another name for Jesus Christ.

  • Ethan (Hebrew) - Strong, firm, impetuous [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Ethan means strong and optimistic, solid and enduring, or permanent. The name Ethan appears eight times in the Hebrew Bible. Ethan the Ezrahite, is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. It may be that Ethan was a cymbal-player in King David's court. He authored

  • Gregory (Greek) - Watcher [English speaking countries]

    St. Gregory is the patron saint of singers and students. He was the first pope named Gregory.

    The Gregorian Calendar was named after Pope Gregory XIII, who devised it.

    Famous Gregorys include actor Gregory Peck, and characte

  • Hezekiah (Hebrew) - Power from god [English speaking countries]

    Biblically, Hezekiah was a good King of Judah.

  • Isaac (Hebrew) - He will laugh [English speaking countries]

    From the Hebrew Yitzchak, meaning "he will laugh". In the Old Testament, Isaac is the son of Abraham and Sarah, the husband of Rebecca and the father of Jacob and Esau. Sarah could not bear children and was already very aged at the time of his conception.

  • Isaiah (Hebrew) - God is salvation [English speaking countries]

    Isaiah was a Jewish prophet in the Bible, the book of Isaiah was written by him. However, there is a curious jump in events and tone at Isaiah 40, which has led some scholars to believe that the two halves of the book were written by different authors. Th

  • Isaias (Hebrew) - God is salvation [English speaking countries]

    This is a late Roman version of Isaiah. Found in some versions of the Bible it is also the name of a saint.

  • Jacob (Hebrew) - Supplanter; held by the heel [English speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebekah, the twin brother of Esau and the father of twelve sons and a daughter. From his sons came the twelve tribes of Israel - the Israelites. God later changed Jacob's name to Israel.


  • Jair (Hebrew) - He will light up [English speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Jair was the father of one of King David's warriors.

  • James (Hebrew) - Supplanter [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    There are many saints called James, the most famous being Saint James the Elder, one of the Apostles. As a common name it has many namesakes, such as the author James Joyce or the fictional British spy James Bond ("007"). The name has been used for royalt

  • Jared (Hebrew) - To descend, descendant [English speaking countries]

    In the Bible, Yared is the grandfather of Methuselah. Jared may also be taken as a variant of Yered, one of the names applied to Moses.

    Actor and musician Jared Leto is a famous bearer.

    Captain Jared Bilby is a main charac

  • Jeremiah (Hebrew) - God will raise up; God will set free [English speaking countries]

    Biblically, Jeremiah was a prophet. He prophesied the besieging and taking of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon but was ignored by the princes of Jerusalem. His writings are found in the book of Jeremiah and, according to tradition, he wrote the book

  • Jesus (Hebrew) - God rescues [English and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Joel (Hebrew) - The Lord is God [English, French, Spanish and Swedish speaking countries]

    Spelt Joël in French.

    Joel was a prophet in the Old Testament.

    Famous bearers include film directors Joel Schumacher and Joel Coen, and singer Joel Madden.

    It was the 124th most popular name in USA in 2006. It

  • John (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    John was the name of two characters in the New Testament.

    John is the personal name of four US Presidents: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Tyler, and John F. Kennedy.

  • Jonathan (Hebrew) - God has given; gift of God [English, German and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Jonathan was the eldest son of King Saul and the best friend of the future king David. Jonathan was a courageous defender of Israel and was killed in battle against the Philistines.

  • Joseph (Hebrew) - He will enlarge [English and French speaking countries]

    There are several Josephs in the Bible, including the husband of Mary in the New Testament and Joseph, son of Jacob - nowadays known for his many coloured coat. Joseph of Arimathea donated his own tomb for the burial of Jesus.

    Joseph was th

  • Joshua (Hebrew) - God rescues [English speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Joshua was appointed by God to lead the Israelites after Moses' death. The Greek form of Joshua is Jesus.

    Joshua was the 3rd most popular boy's name in the US in 2006, and 4th most popular in the UK.


  • Josiah (Hebrew) - The Lord saves [English speaking countries]

    Josiah is the name of the 16th king of Judah. The book of Deuteronomy was rediscovered during his time as king.

    Josiah Wedgwood was an 18th century potter, who helped industrialize the pottery industry.

  • Kristopher (Greek) - Bearer of Christ [English speaking countries]
  • Leo (Latin) - Lion [English, French, Greek, Italian and Polish speaking countries]

    This name was taken from the Latin noun 'leo', meaning 'lion' (itself from the Greek 'leon'). Leo is slowly climbing in popularity - it reached the 236th spot in the US charts in 2006. Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair used it for his son in 2000, a hi

  • Levi (Hebrew) - Combined [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Levi is a Hebrew name used in the Old Testament of the Bible. Levi was the name of one of the sons of Jacob. His descendants, the Levites, were the priests of Israel.

    It is also the name of a popular brand of jeans, Levi-Strauss.

  • Lucas (Greek) - Man from Lucania [Dutch, English, French, Persian and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Luke (Greek) - Man from Lucania [English speaking countries]

    St Luke was the author of the Biblical books of Luke and of the Acts of the Apostles. He is traditionally seen as being a physician or a doctor.

    Luke was ranked as the 17th most popular boy's name in the UK in 2006, but was rated 43rd in t

  • Marcellus (Latin) - Little Marcus [English speaking countries]

    A Roman praenomen (given name) and cognomen (third name). Marcellus is a pet form of Marcus, etymologically related to the Roman god Mars. The name was borne by two popes.

  • Marcus (Latin) - From the god Mars [English speaking countries]

    A Roman praenomen (given name) with Etruscan origins; the original Latin form of Mark.
    Marcus was probably derived from the name of the Roman god of war Mars, or the adjective 'mas' meaning "male, virile". Hence the meaning "from Mars", "from the g

  • Mark (Latin) - From the god Mars [English speaking countries]

    English form of Marcus.

    Saint Mark the Evangelist is traditionally believed to be the author of the second Gospel (Gospel of Mark) and a companion of Peter.
    A famous Roman bearer of the name was Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius), politi

  • Mateo (Hebrew) - Gift of God [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Spanish form of Matthew.

  • Mathew (Hebrew) - Gift of God [English and Welsh speaking countries]

    Variant of Matthew.

  • Mathieu (Hebrew) - Gift of God [English and French speaking countries]

    Variant of Matthieu, French cognate of Matthew.

  • Matias (Hebrew) - Gift of God [English, Finnish and Spanish speaking countries]

    Finnish and Spanish form of Matthias.

  • Matteo (Hebrew) - Gift of God [English and Italian speaking countries]

    Italian variant of Matthew.

  • Matthias (Hebrew) - Gift of God [English, French and Greek speaking countries]

    New Testament Greek form of the Hebrew Mattathia.

  • Michael (Hebrew) - Who is like God? [Czech, English, French and German speaking countries]

    Extended form of Micha, meaning "Who is like God?".

    Michael is the name of several characters in the Old Testament. It is most famously that of one of the archangels, the one closest to God, who has the responsability of carrying out God's

  • Nathan (Hebrew) - He (God) has given [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Nathan is a prophet who served King David and his son, who was also called Nathan. Nathan is also used as a short form of Nathaniel or Jonathan.

  • Nathaniel (Hebrew) - Gift of god [English speaking countries]

    In the Gospel of John in the Bible, Nathaniel is named as one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. He is not mentioned in any of the other gospels, and so is normally associated with Bartholomew.

    Nathaniel Hawthorne was an American novelist,

  • Nehemiah (Hebrew) - Consoled by God [English speaking countries]

    Nehemiah is a character in the Bible. He organized the rebuilding of Jerusalem following the Babylonian exile. The Book of Nehemiah is a continuation of the works set out in the Book of Ezra.

  • Noah (Hebrew) - Rest; comfort [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Noah rounded up two of every species and built an ark in order to survive the great Flood. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights and everyone on earth died except Noah and his family. After the Flood God sent a rainbow as a sign of the

  • Paul (Latin) - Small; humble [Dutch, English, French and German speaking countries]

    St Paul was an early Christian missionary. Originally a persecutor of Christians named Saul, who witnessed the stoning of Stephen, he was converted whilst on the road to Damascus, prompting a name change. Paul travelled throughout the Mediterranean teachi

  • Peter (Greek) - Stone [Dutch, English, German and Hungarian speaking countries]

    St Peter was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, and became the first pope of the Church. Peter's original name was Simon, but it was changed by Jesus to the Aramaic name Cephas (rock). Peter is the Greek equivalent of Cephas.

    The first R

  • Philip (Greek) - Lover of horses [English speaking countries]

    Anglicised version of the Greek name Philippos.

    St Philip was one of the twelve disciples.

    Philip has long been used as a name in the ruling classes, from the Kings of Macedon (Philip II was the father of Alexander the Great

  • Raphael (Hebrew) - God has healed [English and French speaking countries]

    Raphael is traditionally one of the seven archangels. He is mentioned by name in the apocryphal book of Tobit.

    Raphael is also the name used when referring to Renaissance Italian painter Raphael Santi or Sanzio. One of the Teenage Mutant N

  • Samuel (Hebrew) - His name is God [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Samuel was the son of Hannah, a prophet and a judge who anointed Saul as the first king of Israel. Samuel was the 25th most popular boy's name in the US in 2006 and the 8th most popular in the UK.

  • Saul (Hebrew) - Responded; prayed for [English speaking countries]

    Biblically, Saul was the first king of Israel, as appointed by the prophet Samuel. He was replaced by David, who had fought against Goliath for him, but had later been his enemy as Saul did not want to give up the throne. Saul was also the name of the apo

  • Seth (Hebrew) - Appointed [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Bible, Seth was the son of Adam and Eve, he was born after the murder of Abel by his twin brother Cain. Seth is noted as the son of Adam from whom Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and consequently David and Jesus are descended. Seth or Set was also an

  • Shad (Persian) - Commanded by Aku [English speaking countries]

    Nickname for Shadrach. This is also the name of a type of fish.

  • Shiloh (Hebrew) - Peaceful, tranquil [English speaking countries]

    Shiloh (variant transcription of Shilo) is a Biblical place name. It was a gathering place and sanctuary of the Hebrew at the time of the Judges, between Jericho and Sachem.

    It is also used as a reference to the Messiah, although this is l

  • Silas (Latin) - Of the forest [English speaking countries]

    Silas was an early convert to Christianity, and a companion to St Paul, and later St Peter.

    'Silas Marner' is a novel by George Eliot.

    In 'The Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown, Silas is a murderous monk.

  • Simon (Hebrew) - Listening [English, French and Spanish speaking countries]

    Simon appears several times in the New Testament of the Bible. Simon was the original name of St Peter, one of the twelve apostles and first Bishop of Rome or Pope. Simon the Zealot is named as one of the apostles in the gospel of Luke. It was at Simon t

  • Solomon (Hebrew) - Peace [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    In the Bible Solomon is King David's son and successor. He is famous for his wisdom, wealth and writings. He was also said to possess the ability to communicate with animals.

  • Thaddeus (Aramaic) - Uncertain, perhaps praised or heart [English speaking countries]

    Latin form of Lebbaeus, which is of uncertain origin but is possibly Aramaic (possibly meaning praised or heart) and a variant of the Greek Theodoros/Theodotos (God's gift).
    In the New Testament Thaddeus is listed as one of the apostles, probably e

  • Theodore (Greek) - Gift of God [English, French and Greek speaking countries]

    Theodore was a pre-Christian name borne by many learned men in ancient Greece, including the ironically-named Theodorus the Atheist. There have been various saints named Theodore, and two popes.

    Theodore Roosevelt was President of the Uni

  • Thomas (Aramaic) - Twin [Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish speaking countries]

    Thomas has been very popular in the UK for several years, staying at second place in 2007. In the US it ranked 51st. St Thomas was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. He is often known as 'doubting Thomas' as he requires proof of the resurrection of Jes

  • Timmothy (Greek) - To honor God, to fear God [English speaking countries]

    Rare variant of Timothy.

  • Timothy (Greek) - To honor God, to fear God [English speaking countries]

    St Timothy was a companion of Paul, and the recipient of the two letters to Timothy, contained within the New Testament.

    The name has been borne by James Bond actor Timothy Dalton, 'The Goodies' comedian Tim Brooke-Taylor and actor Timothy

  • Titus (Latin) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    A Roman praenomen (given name), possibly related to Latin titulus "title of honour".

    Romans bearing the name Titus include Emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus, who reigned between the years 79 and 81, and Titus Livius - the historian who is m

  • Xavier (Basque) - New house [English, French and Spanish speaking countries]

    Xavier comes from the Basque place name "Etcheberria," which means "the new house." Though traditionally a Roman Catholic name, Xavier has grown to be one of the top 100 boys names in the U.S.

    St Francis Xavier was the founder of the Jesu

  • Zachary (Hebrew) - The Lord remembers [English speaking countries]

    Zachary is an English form of the name Zechariah. It is in use as both a surname and a first name, though it is far more common as a first name. It is also the name of a town in the U.S. state of Louisiana.

    Zachary Taylor was the twelfth

  • Zechariah (Hebrew) - The Lord remembers [English speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Zechariah was the 14th king of Israel after the monarchy split. Another bearer of the name was one of the 12 Minor prophets.
    In the Greek Bible, Zechariah was the husband of Elizabeth and the father of John the Baptist.

Female Names
  • Abigail (Hebrew) - Father in rejoicing [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    Abigail was an Old Testament character who saved her negligent husband from the wrath of King David. After her husband's death, she later married David. David's sister was also named Abigail.

    Abigail was quite commonly used in English-sp

  • Amy (French) - Loved [English speaking countries]

    English form of the Old French Aimée, in use in the United States since the 18th century. It should be noted that the spellings Ami, and Amie are not used in France because they are the words used to refer to a friend.

    Amy is the name of

  • Angela (Greek) - Messenger [English, German and Spanish speaking countries]

    Angela is derived from the same origin as the vocabulary word 'Angel' - angels being the messengers of God.

    Famous bearers include German Chancellor Angela Merkel (who pronounces her name with a hard 'g'), actress Angela Lansbury and Briti

  • Anjelica (Latin) - Of the angels [English speaking countries]

    A variant spelling of Angelica

  • Bethany (Hebrew) - House of figs [English speaking countries]

    Biblically, the village of Bethany was identified as being approximately 2 miles from Jerusalem, on the slope of the Mount of Olives. It was in Bethany that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and was anointed with expensive perfume by a woman. A religiou

  • Christa (Latin) - Follower of Christ [Danish, English and German speaking countries]
  • Christina (Latin) - Follower of Christ [English and German speaking countries]

    Saint Christina the Astonishing was born in 1150. She had a near-death experience in which she claimed to have seen heaven, hell and purgatory.

    Christina of Sweden was queen regnant of Sweden during the 17th century. She abdicated after con

  • Christine (Latin) - Follower of Christ [English, French and German speaking countries]
  • Damaris (Greek) - Calf [English speaking countries]

    Damaris appears in Acts 17.34 in the Bible.

  • Daniela (Hebrew) - God is my judge [English, German, Italian and Spanish speaking countries]

    Daniela Hantuchová is a Slovak tennis player. In the US, the name is particularly popular in California, where it was #60 in 2006. In Spain it was #19.

  • Danielle (Hebrew) - God is my judge [English and French speaking countries]

    The feminine form of Daniel, Danielle rose to popularity in the US in the 1980s, when it was in the top 20. Author Danielle Steel is a famous bearer.

  • Dolores (Spanish) - Sorrows [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    A derivation from María de los Dolores, "Mary of Sorrows."

  • Elizabeth (Hebrew) - My God is a vow [English, Greek and Hebrew speaking countries]

    From Elisabet, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva meaning "my God is a vow".
    In the Old Testament, Elisheva is the wife of Aaron.
    In the New Testament, the name is borne by a kinswoman of the Virgin Mary and mother of John the Bapti

  • Eve (Hebrew) - Life [English and French speaking countries]

    From the Hebrew name Chava, which was derived from the Hebrew word Chai "life". In the Genesis, Eve was the first woman, wife of Adam and "the mother of all that lives". It is her role as a mother that is put forward in this name.

    Eve is al

  • Faith (English) - Faith; confidence; belief [English speaking countries]

    The English word "faith" ultimately derives from the Latin "fides," from which names like Fido are derived.

    Faith Evans is an American R & B singer, and Faith Hill is a country singer. Faith is also the name of a British shoe shop, named af

  • Grace (Latin) - Good will [English speaking countries]

    Grace was the 17th most popular girl's name in the US in 2006, and the most popular (#1) name in the UK in 2007. It is also very popular as a middle name. To Christians, grace means free salvation from God. Grace is also the name of the prayer said before

  • Hannah (Hebrew) - Grace; favour [English speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel. She had been unable to bear her husband Elkanah a child, and so prayed at the temple that if God gave her a son then she would give him up to be a priest. When the child, Samuel, was born,

  • Heaven (English) - Heaven [English speaking countries]
  • Isabel (Hebrew) - My God is a vow [English, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish speaking countries]

    Although of disputed origin, Isabel is often taken as a form of Elizabeth. Isabel first gained popularity in Spain in the Middle Ages, and it was soon exported to France and England.

    Isabel was the name of the Princess Imperial of Brazil

  • Joanna (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English speaking countries]

    From the Latin and Greek form Ioanna. In the New Testament, the name is borne by a woman who was one of Jesus's followers.

    Other famous Joannas include actress Joanna Lumley and author Joanna Trollope.

    'Joanna' is cockney rh

  • Judith (Hebrew) - Of Judea [English and German speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Judith was the wife of Esau, who was a son of Isaac and Rebecca.

    The Book of Judith is an Apocryphal book of the Bible, meaning that it is not always contained in Bibles as it's reliability and accuracy has been ques

  • Kirstin (Latin) - Follower of Christ [English speaking countries]

    Scottish vernacular form of Christine.

  • Leah (Hebrew) - Weary [English speaking countries]

    This name may also be taken from the Hebrew word meaning "wild cow" or "gazelle".

    Biblically, Leah is the wife of Jacob and the older sister of Rachel. Jacob laboured for seven years for Leah's father Laban to win Rachel's hand. On his wed

  • Lydia (Germanic) - Noble kind; of the noble sort [English speaking countries]

    Lydia is the name of a historic region of Asia Minor, that included Troy and Ephesus. Lydia is also the name of a purple goods seller, in the Bible. She is considered the first European convert to Christianity. She was living in Thyatira which was on the

  • Madelaine (Hebrew) - From Magdala [English speaking countries]

    Variant of Madeleine.

  • Madeleine (Hebrew) - From Magdala [English and French speaking countries]

    French cognate of Magdalene, also in common use in English-speaking countries.

    A madeleine is a famous sort of French butter cookie or cake. Several French communes and geographical features are named Madeleine after Mary Magdalene.

  • Magdalena (Hebrew) - Of Magdala [Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Polish, Romanian and Spanish speaking countries]

    Latinate form of Madgalene.

  • Malia (Hebrew) - Uncertain, maybe bitter [African, English and Swahili speaking countries]

    Hawaiian form of Mary.

  • Maria (Hebrew) - Bitter [Catalan, Dutch, English, Estonian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Armenian speaking countries]

    Latin form of Mary.
    It arose as a back-formation from the early Christian Greek name Mariam, which was taken as a Latin accusative case, and is ultimately derived from Hebrew Miryam.

    In the English-speaking world, Maria was the writ

  • Mariah (Hebrew) - Uncertain, maybe bitter [English speaking countries]

    The pronunciation of our modern "Mariah" was actually a common pronunciation of the name "Maria" in nineteenth-century England. This alternate spelling has retained the nineteenth-century pronunciation. The "h" was probably added to appear more Biblical

  • Mariam (Aramaic) - Uncertain, maybe bitter [Arabic, English, French, Greek and Armenian speaking countries]

    Aramaic alternative form of the Hebrew name Miriam.
    It is also the form of Mary used in the Greek translation of the Bible.
    It was mistaken as a Latin accusative case and gave the well-known name Maria.

    It can also be conside

  • Marianne (French) - Combination of Marie and Anne [English and French speaking countries]

    Contraction of the name Marie-Anne, composed of the names Marie (of uncertain origin, perhaps meaning "bitter") and Anne ("grace").

    Marianne is the name used for the symbolic figure representing the French Republic.

  • Maribel (Spanish) - Maria Isabel [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Spanish name composed from Maria and Isabel.
    It may also stand as a variant of the name Mariabella and then mean "beautiful Maria".

  • Marielle (Hebrew) - Uncertain, maybe bitter [English and French speaking countries]

    Pet form of Marie.

  • Marisol (Hebrew) - Uncertain, maybe bitter [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Spanish name composed of Maria and Sol.
    'Sol' is the Spanish word for sun. It might also be a short of Maria Soledad, 'soledad' meaning "loneliness".

  • Marlene (Hebrew) - Of Magdala [English and German speaking countries]

    Blend of Maria and Madgalene, used by the German actress Marlene Dietrich as her stage name.

  • Marta (Aramaic) - Lady [English, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Armenian speaking countries]
  • Martha (Aramaic) - Lady [English and Greek speaking countries]

    Martha is a name of Aramaic origin, meaning "lady, mistress".

    She was a figure in the New Testament. According to the gospel of John, she was the sister of Lazarus and Mary, and she witnessed her brother's resurrection.
    The image of

  • Mary (Hebrew) - Bitter [English speaking countries]

    Originally a Middle English Anglicized form of the French "Marie," derived from the Latin "Maria," and ultimately from the Hebrew name of uncertain origin "Miryam".

    This is the New Testament form of Miriam, which St. Jerome derives from ele

  • Maryann (Hebrew) - Uncertain, maybe bitter [English speaking countries]

    Compound name formed of Mary and Ann.

  • Mercedes (Spanish) - Mercies [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Spanish name associated with the cult of the Virgin Mary, from the liturgical title "Maria de las Mercedes" (Mary of the Mercies; 'Our Lady of Ransom').
    Latin 'mercedes' originally meant 'wages' or 'ransom'.
    In Christian theology, Christ's

  • Naomi (Hebrew) - Beautiful, pleasant, delightful [English, Hebrew and Japanese speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Naomi was the mother-in-law of Ruth.

    The name is borne by supermodel Naomi Campbell, actress Naomi Watts and journalist Naomi Klein.

    It is noted by some playground-goers that "Naomi" spells "I moan" bac

  • Natalia (Italian) - Christ's birthday [English, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Russian speaking countries]

    The original form of the English name "Natalie," Natalia is derived from the Italian "natale," meaning "birthday." The term refers specifically to Christ's birthday - the Italian phrase for "merry Christmas" is "buon natale!", literally "good birthday!"

  • Natalie (Italian) - Christ's birthday [English, French and German speaking countries]

    Natalie is the English form of Natalia, which is derived from the Italian "natale," meaning "birthday." The term refers specifically to Christ's birthday - the Italian phrase for "merry Christmas" is "buon natale!", literally "good birthday!"

  • Natalya (Italian) - Christ's birthday [English and Russian speaking countries]
  • Nathalie (Italian) - Christ's birthday [English and French speaking countries]
  • Noelle (Latin) - Day of birth [English and French speaking countries]

    Feminine form of Noël.

  • Priscila (Latin) - Ancient [English speaking countries]

    A spelling variant of Priscilla that has fallen into disuse.

  • Priscilla (Latin) - Ancient [English speaking countries]

    Priscilla was an early convert to Christianity, she is mentioned in the book of Acts and some of Paul's letters.

    Priscilla Wagner was the wife of Elvis Presley.

    'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' was a film ab

  • Rebecca (Hebrew) - To tie [English speaking countries]

    Sometimes touted as meaning 'to tie/to bind' or 'heifer', this name is of doubtful meaning and probably has its roots in Aramaic. The Biblical Rebecca was the wife of Isaac in the Old Testament and the mother of Jacob and Esau.

    This is al

  • Rebekah (Hebrew) - To tie [English and Polish speaking countries]

    This spelling is seen as a more faithful transliteration of the Hebrew. It is commonly used by the Jewish people of Poland.

  • Sara (Hebrew) - Princess [Danish, English, Hindi and Spanish speaking countries]

    Variant of Sarah. Sara may also be a Sanskrit male name [sah-ruh] meaning "the Essence."

    Sara Lee is a food company that specialises in frozen and packaged foods. Sara Ramírez is an actress, and Sara Evans is a country singer-songwriter.

  • Sarah (Hebrew) - Princess [English, French, German, Hebrew, Norwegian and Swedish speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Sarah was the wife of Abraham, and the mother of Isaac.
    Her name was first Sarai ("my princess"), which God changed to Sarah ("princess") as her descendants were to be the future nation of Israel.

    Famous bearer

  • Sarai (Hebrew) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    In the Old Testament, Sarai is the original first name of Sarah who changed it when she embraced faith in God.
    Sarai is said to mean "my princess; my woman of high rank", maybe referring to her relationship with her husband, or perhaps as the princ

  • Susanna (Hebrew) - Lily; rose [English speaking countries]

    From the Greek form of the Hebrew name Shoshanah, traditionally translated as "lily" or occasionally as "rose".

  • Tatiana (Latin) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    In Christianity, several early Eastern saints bore the name Tatiana. "Tatiana" is also the name of a Russian ballet.

  • Teresa (Greek) - Harvester [English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries]

    The exact meaning of Teresa is unknown, but it is likely to be from either the Greek word meaning "to harvest", the Greek word meaning "summer", or from the Greek island of Thera.

    This is a very popular Catholic name.

    St Tere

  • Tiffany (Greek) - Manifestation of god [English speaking countries]

    Tiffany is a traditional name used by Catholic parents for daughters born on January 6th. Tiffany & Co. is a luxury brand of jewelry and is the Tiffany referred to in the title of the 1961 Audrey Hepburn movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Gender Neutral Names
  • Angel (Greek) - Messenger [Bulgarian, English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Angel is used mostly as a masculine name among Spanish-speaking communities, and mostly as a feminine name in English-speaking communities. The Spanish name is pronounced "ahn HEL," while the English version is pronounced "AYN jel")


  • Cain (Hebrew) - A spear [English and Welsh speaking countries]

    Cain has four separate origins. From the Hebrew, it means 'a spear'. In Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition, Cain was the world's first murderer. In Welsh Cain is a feminine name meaning 'beautiful' or 'fair' (this usage is completely unrelated to the

  • Christian (Latin) - Follower of Christ [English, French and German speaking countries]

    A Christian is someone who follows the religion of Christianity, based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Christian is the main character of John Bunyan's 'The Pilgrim's Progress', which is a Christian allegory.

    Famous peopl

  • Elisha (Hebrew) - My God is salvation [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    A male name in Hebrew, pronounced "eh LY shah." In the Old Testament, Elisha was a prophet - the disciple and successor of Elijah.

    In modern times Elisha ("eh LEE shah") has gained popularity as an alternate spelling of the feminine name A

  • Gabriel (Hebrew) - God is my might [English and Norwegian speaking countries]

    In the Old and New Testament, the angel Gabriel makes several appearances; he is the angel who informs Mary that she will give birth to Jesus. According to Hebrew tradition, Gabriel is one of the seven archangels.

    Bearers include Columbia

  • Ira (Hebrew) - Watchful [English, German and Hindi speaking countries]

    In the Bible Ira is King David's priest. Popular in the early part of the twentieth century it has since become rare. This is said EYE rah.

    It is also used as a female name in Germany and other European countries. This use comes from it be

  • Joan (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English speaking countries]

    Contracted form of the Old French Johanne, from Latin Io(h)anna. In England, this was the usual feminine form of John from the Middle English period onwards.
    Joan of Arc translates in French as Jeanne d'Arc.

  • Luz (Spanish) - Light [English, Hebrew and Spanish speaking countries]

    As a Spanish girls' name, Luz means "light". As a Hebrew boys' name, Luz means "almond tree" or "hazel tree". Luz was the ancient name of the biblical town, Beth El. It is also a symbolic name for children born on Tu b’Shvat, the Jewish Arbor Day.