Uncommon Names

Male Names
  • Felix (Latin) - Happy, lucky, fortunate [English, Norwegian and Swedish speaking countries]

    There have been several St Felixs. St Felix and his sister, St Regula, are the patron saints of Zurich. St Felix of Burgundy is known as the bishop who introduced Christianity into East Anglia, in England. There have been four Popes named Felix.

Female Names
  • Cecily (Latin) - Blind [English speaking countries]
  • Ember (English) - Burned coal [English speaking countries]

    Similar in sound to the name Amber, Ember is a far less common alternative.

  • Freya (Norse) - Woman [English speaking countries]

    Freya may be taken as a variant of Freyja, name of a Nordic Earth goddess. Twin sister of Freyr, Freyja is the goddess of fertility and birth, also associated with death and the underworld. She is also a goddess of love and sexuality, of gold and silver.

  • Keziah (Hebrew) - Cinnamon-like bark [English speaking countries]
  • Ursula (Latin) - Little bear [English speaking countries]
  • Zena (Polish) - The life of Zeus [English and Polish speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names