South African Names

Male Names
  • Dominick (Latin) - Lord [English speaking countries]

    This is a variant spelling of Dominic commonly encountered in English-speaking countries.

  • Herman (Germanic) - Man in the army [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Jess (Literary) - N/A [English speaking countries]
  • Jewel (English) - Precious stone [English speaking countries]
  • Kimberley (English) - Variable prefix + "forest clearing" [English speaking countries]

    The name Kimberley derives from many sources, and its meaning therefore varies widely. It can mean "Cyebald's forest clearing," "royal forest clearing," and "royal fortress in the forest clearing," among other things. The common element in all these mea

  • Linda (English) - N/A [African and English speaking countries]

    The Linda used in English is of modern coinage and uncertain derivation.

Gender Neutral Names