Nigerian Names

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  • Hanna (Hebrew) - Grace; favour [African and English speaking countries]

    Hanna is a form of the name Hannah, as well as a name from the Hausa language meaning "joy."

  • Katerina (Greek) - Pure [Czech, English, Greek and Russian speaking countries]

    This name is likely derived from the Russian name Ekaterina.

  • Lina (Arabic) - Delicate, compassionate [African, Arabic and English speaking countries]

    Lina is a name in both the Arabic and Hausa languages. It is also used as a nickname for names ending in -lina, such as Carolina.

  • Sade (African) - Sweetly singing [English speaking countries]

    This may also be a pet name for the Yoruba name Folasade meaning "honor earns a crown".

  • Tanisha (African) - Born on Monday [African and English speaking countries]

    Tanisha may be related to a Hausa day name for children born on Monday.
    It could also be a modern coinage from the preffix Ta- with Aisha, or perhaps an elaborated form of Tania.

Gender Neutral Names